Sara’s Projects


  • Dayjob
  • Columbia data science course

2017 projects:

  • Modernising my hacking skills.
  • Improving my maths
  • Pushback on online misinformation
  • Growing up (50 after 50)

2016 and earlier projects:

  • Slowly blogging my way through the Data Science for Development course contents.
  • Community development:


    • VOLTA online volunteer manager (includes skypechat logger, ning miner, googlegroup miner)
    • CICADA crisis data management system
    • Crisismapping discussion mining – mainly to capture links to openly-available datasets
    • Crisismapping category mining – I’ve already got code to find map instances on the web, and mine categories out of it. Need to finish category clustering and visualisation
    • Development innovations management tool
    • Turning too much data into just enough knowledge