Resources for Women in Technology

There are many smart, able women in developing communities who are steaming ahead with technology projects. Some of my heroes include:

There are also lots of worldwide womens’ technical groups; typically, these provide role models, mentoring, help and support through technology talks, networking and online discussion groups. Face-to-face and online groups spreading across the world include:

More local groups include:

And finally, here are a few of my role models…

  • Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer. And yes, the Ada programming language was named after her
  • Admiral Grace Hopper – the ‘bug’ lady, one of the first real computer programmers, and winner of a 1969 “man of the year” award. Grace had a ship named after her
  • Emily Toop – a lady with enough passion for robots to found Brighton Robotics and get everyone else involved too. Go, Emily, go!
  • Lady Ada – IMHO one of the best electronics hackers in the world
  • Danica Patrick – a racing driver not a technologist, but a good example of how to be good at a tough job without losing your femininity