Squirrel! Or, learning to love nonlinearity

I write a lot.  I wrote posts, and notes, comments on other people’s work and long emails to friends about things that interest me (and hopefully them too).  But I don’t write enough here.  And part of that is the perception of writing as a perfect thing, as a contiguous thread of thought, of a blog as a “themed” thing written for an audience.

So I stopped writing here. I do that sometimes. Because the things that interest me vary, and aren’t always serious, or aren’t part of the current ‘theme’ (which is currently misinformation and how people think).  Or I don’t have enough time, and leave half-written notes in my ‘drafts’ folder waiting to be turned into ‘good’ content.

But that seems a little grandiose. I’m assuming that people read this blog, that they’re looking for a specific thing, for something polished, a product.  And that it’s my job to provide that.  And that leads to the above, to stasis, to me not publishing anything.

So for now, I’m just going to write about what interests me, about the projects I’m working on, the thoughts that I spin out into larger things.  The serious stuff will be on my medium, https://medium.com/@sarajayneterp