Sensor trip ideas

I’ve just put in a Seeed order for some more Grove sensors (because they’re very easy to set up and use). Here’s what I’m thinking of doing with them:

  • Collect the usual environmental data – air quality, dust, temp/humid, water, alcohol – and compare against readings from the same sensor set that’s in the Brck office.
  • Wildlife detection using motion sensor, mike, and camera unit.
  • Investigate fire/smoke effects using smoke and gas sensors; I’m more interested in effects of different types of cooking fuels in houses, but could adapt this for camping too (a group I belonged to lost a member to fumes in their tent, so this is of value to me).
  • Human monitoring using alcohol detector and galvanic skin response (e.g. sweat density) monitor.

I’m also thinking about what sort of UAV or balloon data would be useful from a short trip.

  • Even 10 minutes of data would be good – especially if it’s a) messy (e.g. oblique), and b) contains features like buildings
  • Although 10 minutes of nice clean stabilised downward-looking is also a good thing to have: garbage in, garbage out really does apply to aerial images.