Programming trumps

Having recently bought some Type Trumps cards ( and been amused by the God Trumps (, I’ve been thinking about other “grown-up” areas that should be given the Top Trumps treatment so we adults can pretend to be learning useful things whilst reliving our childhoods. Top of the list at the moment are Kitchenware Trumps (I’ll see your Magimix and raise you an Alessi kettle) and Computer Language Trumps (same thing, only with C, Perl, Q etc).

The former shouldn’t contain too many controversies, but the latter… I’m thinking a set of cards with for starters the cost, first release date, generation, compiler size, number of commands and “most bizarre application” (thanks, Dean) as the special power. It could be fun. It could be suggested to a toy company, or in true open fashion could be created by lots of geeks arguing about the first release date of Python. Anyone want to play?