First python

Okay, so I didn’t break into Google (not in the conventional sense anyways. There was this misunderstanding with an oversimple instruction and an unlocked door, but we’ll gloss over that…), but I did get the building-stuff bug back again, which can only (as long as you don’t have to share any space with me when I’m coding at 3am) be good.

So. Today. My first Python program. Had bought the book and skimmed the language ready for the above, and was just having a snuffle round the big G’s website when I fell over their coding pages. And the Google App Engine. It’s a cute little beastie (so far), but we’ll see how I do when I get past the ‘Wahey! Hello World!’ stage. And I really need to sort my path out asap; it’s not good typing in the whole thing every time…

Things to remember include: http://localhost:8080/

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